by Summer Cicada

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This is our demo. It includes three songs which will likely be featured on a future full-length release, which we're constantly working on. Until then, here's something as a way of saying thank you to everyone who has ever listened to us, seen us at a show, bought or downloaded our music, or supported us in any way. We couldn't do it without you.


released May 23, 2016

Miki M.- Guitar, Vocals
Maxim M.- Bass, Synth and Such
Garrett C.- Guitar, Vocals
Dalton F.- Drums, Vocals

Produced, mixed, and mastered by E. Maxim Maunz and Summer Cicada at "Space Jam Studios"

Artwork/Logo by Taylor Kempinski

Copyright © 2015 Summer Cicada



all rights reserved


Summer Cicada Columbus, Georgia

Fountain City Sad Boys.

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Track Name: Fair At Best
In a world where we are constantly judged,
I'm proud to say that I am different from you in every single way.
I have a grip on reality.
I don't need you, I only need me,
Because loving myself isn't vanity,
Loving myself is fucking sanity.
Track Name: The Bed
You had hopes, you had dreams.
All your aspirations,
Goals that seem impossible to them, but for you they were means
To thrive, to survive in this lonely life you called hell.
And you were the only one dragging you down.
I can save you if you want it, can I have your time?

The only thing in this world that's killing you
Is yourself and your words that tear into your mind like a bullet,
And it's funny because you're the only one I see with a gun in your hand.
Crime and victim, give me your time.

You lost hope, you lost sleep.
All your goals crashed down at your feet,
And it was always fucking pills that you'd need.
Soulless vessel, countless times you told me you would put them away.
Now I’m standing here six feet where you lay.
You swore you'd put them down, you swore you were strong enough.
I could've saved you if you wanted,
I should've took your time.

The only thing in this world that killed you
Was yourself and the words that tore into your mind like a bullet,
And it's funny because you’re the only one I saw with a gun in your hand.
Crime and victim, give me your time.

Give me your time.
Leave your hurt by the door, and your scars by mine.
I can prove to you that you're more thank you think.

Let me save you.
I can make this all go away.
You don't need this.
You need a sense of love.
Track Name: Fingers Crossed
I knew it would never leave,
The memories that keep me up at night.
They leave the bottles by my bedside,
And sleep is the only place I can reside.
I feel the brush of your cheeks, they numb the roar of the streets.
I taste the ash off your lips, it comforts the pulse in my fingertips.
The beating is almost deafening, and I just want silence.
I just need self peace.

The pills in my system, they never provided ease.
The alcohol in my veins, it never helped me sleep.

The air pushed on the clouds, while my eyes bore floods.
The earth never threw you up, it only swallowed you more,
And I was left to do this on my own.
Your family never spoke, your father stared at his drink,
Your brother packed the bowls, your sister wept in her sleep,
And your mother held the rope and looked to the trees.

Life never started again, it only grew more cold.
You painted the walls red, with the brush limp in your hands.
And I will never forget how many nights I felt sick.
Cigarettes by the bed, ambien in my hand,
It was never enough for you and I to retouch.

The air never breathes, and my eyes leaked sand.
The earth take what it wants, and it leaves us with a sense to die,
And I am finally coming home.
Your family grew mute, your father sick from the drink,
Your brother lives by the gram,
Your sister covered up the veins that bled,
Your mother went to visit you when the leaves shed.

I've kept my fingers crossed, and I've been waiting for this.